The Hellcats – Robert F. Slatzer – 1967


I love biker movies, I grew up around a lot of biker and roughneck types so was aware at an early age that these movies were not a very good representation. I remember a kid I use to hang around with who would cringe and tremble every time he heard a motorbike. I thought he was a bit of a fool at the time, like maybe he’d seen one too many episodes of Adam 12 or CHiPs or something.

So, Hellcats probably isn’t the best biker movie out there, but it has it’s merits. For one, I like the fact that the biker mamas in this one actually have their own rides and fight and party alongside their brethren, instead of being backseat riders to be used and abused like in some other movies. The soundtrack is pretty stellar, hopefully you got it in the above post and are digging it now.

Here’s some screenies.

Biker mama with an eye patch. You can tell she’s going to be trouble.


The local mob boss and his young girlfriend, they’re going to Hawaii.



Crazy biker dance party


‘Cos pot won’t give you cancer…right?






It says in the charter that rival gang leaders must take this stance when negotiating the terms of a chain fight.



Chain fight !!



I have never seen so much beer wasting in all my life.



Nothing comes between me and my mannequin.





Preparing for Hawaii



This actually made me a little sad. She was so happy to be going to Hawaii, little did she know the boss had other plans.



Wheelies mean that the shit has offically hit the fan.


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