Stardrive will be the music of the future

Robert Mason It is criminal how little info can be found about Robert Mason and Stardrive online. I mean Mason’s the creator of the Stardrive moog for goodness sake ! It was the first moog to play individual notes as opposed to just chords. Subsequently I know very little about these guys. They did two albums, this is the second and the better of the two, and it’s a moog jazz funk monster of an album. I’ve ripped my copy and you can get it here.

Stardrive coverStardrive back


One Response to “Stardrive will be the music of the future”

  1. Funkmaster 5000 Says:

    I have been listening to Stardrive for the longest time. I’m so glad to hear from people who know about these guys. It’s funny I found your website; I always believed this sounded like “the music of the future” too. Of course, I don’t believe that any longer, but it’s fun to dream. Mason’s space synth is just too funky for the future! LOL. Awesome music, great vibe, and totally up the ally of any sci-fi geek raised in the days of Star Wars/Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Anyway, just wanted to chime in as another fan. I spread the word about this group whenever I can…

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