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El Retorno Del Hombre-Lobo – Paul Naschy – 1981

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Werewolf poster

Alright, so my goal here was mainly to show off the quality of Blu-Ray, however, my computer doesn’t play them so I had to use the camera to take photos of the TV and I think any quality that was gained from Blu-Ray was lost with the photography method. Anyway, in the beginning I was a little skeptical of Blu-Ray but it was kind of inevitable that I would get a player since I was planning on getting a PS3 and it plays them as well as regular DVD’s. I started looking around for good stuff and found this twofer from BCI Entertainment which includes “The Night Of The Werewolf” and “Vengeance Of The Zombies” both by and starring yours and my favorite Spanish wolfman, Jacinto Molina aka Paul Naschy. I was converted right away. I never dreamt that these low budget masterpieces would ever look better than when I saw them on late night TV but here they are, all shiny and new. Not only does Blu-Ray just look better but some of the scenes jump out as though they were filmed in 3D and it really adds a different dimension to the film. Effects that seemed hokey before, now appear much more professional. Now I know that the grainy quality of these films is one of the things that attracts much of the fan base that these films have and I agree that not every film is going to benefit from this treatment, but I think that an exceptional job was done here. I’ll try and get some shots of “Vengeance Of The Zombies” soon as it looks remarkably good as well.


Heavy Metal Money

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Picture 1

Rears It’s Ugly Green Head

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Browsing through some old issues of Heavy Metal. Thought this was pretty cool. Reminded me of Guy Peellaert


Get A Job

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R.I.P. Billy Lee Riley

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Môjû aka Blind Beast – Yasuzo Masumura – 1969

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Môjû is one of the many films based on a story by Edogawa Rampo. Rampo was Japan’s foremost writer of tales of mystery and imagination, actually Edogawa Rampo is a pseudonym for Taro Hirai and is really a Japanisation of Edgar Allan Poe.

The film opens in an art gallery featuring an artists works inspired by one model. The model comes to the gallery and finds a blind man caressing the statue of her that is the centre of the exhibit. Later she calls a masseuse to her room and it turns out to be the same man. He chloroforms her and, with the help of his mother kidnaps her and takes her to his studio, a giant warehouse space filled with large sculptures of human body parts and two gigantic bodies made from materials that feel like skin. They live entirely in the dark and the artists goal is to revolutionize the art world by focusing everything on the sensation of touch.








The artist’s intention is to keep the girl there as his muse and he begins to sculpt her. Trying to find ways to escape, the girl senses the Oedipal relationship between the artist and his mother and uses this to her advantage. A confrontation and a struggle ensues and the mother is killed. The artist flies into a rage and his former impotence appears to be gone as he rapes the girl repeatedly…..and then it gets weird…..

Over time, from being locked up in the dark, the girls eyeballs atrophy and she goes blind as well. She begins to understand the artists world and they fall into a spiral of touch and feeling that can’t be satisfied. They experiment further and further into dangerous territory searching for the ultimate sensory experience until the film reaches it’s inevitable conclusion.