New Blog

2475628998_70ef737bb9_bOk. Here I go changing things all up again. As it turns out, I’m not too fond of WordPress. It has it’s pros and cons of course but I just like the way Blogger looks better. Also, I overestimated my ability to regularly update the western themed blog I started a while ago as well, so I killed Vengeance Trail and I started another blog which will replace this one and be a combination of it and all the western themed stuff I have will be there as well.

The new blog is called Mutant Family Values (I was watching The Hills Have Eyes at the time).I’m not going to delete this blog as I’m not planning to put every thing here on the new blog right away, there is some of it there now though and since I promised a post with some shots from the Black Tight Killers a while ago, that’s whats currently on the menu over there. Go check it out and leave me some feedback!


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