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New Blog

Posted in Messages From Skipper with tags on October 2, 2009 by skipperbartlett1

2475628998_70ef737bb9_bOk. Here I go changing things all up again. As it turns out, I’m not too fond of WordPress. It has it’s pros and cons of course but I just like the way Blogger looks better. Also, I overestimated my ability to regularly update the western themed blog I started a while ago as well, so I killed Vengeance Trail and I started another blog which will replace this one and be a combination of it and all the western themed stuff I have will be there as well.

The new blog is called Mutant Family Values (I was watching The Hills Have Eyes at the time).I’m not going to delete this blog as I’m not planning to put every thing here on the new blog right away, there is some of it there now though and since I promised a post with some shots from the Black Tight Killers a while ago, that’s whats currently on the menu over there. Go check it out and leave me some feedback!


Flat Track Freakshow – Roller Derby Tomorrow

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R.I.P. Jim Carroll

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Dead at 60, so sad. I’ll be playing this tune for sure, at the roller derby on the 26th. I always play it anyway.

R.I.P. Billy Lee Riley

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MYA Communication

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There is a really great Italian DVD company called MYA Communication who has started releasing tons of great euro films in North America. Horror, Peplum, Giallo and Italian sex comedies as well. Doesn’t look like they have a website yet but they do have a blog. Go check it out, there are links to some of their stuff at Amazon. Support these guys. They’re doing some great work.


Tiki Tiki Throwdown – Roller Derby August 15th

Posted in Messages From Skipper with tags , , on July 29, 2009 by skipperbartlett1

August 15th, the Venus Fly Tramps will be hosting the GTAR Derby Debutantes at the Activa Sportsplex in Kitchener. If you’re in the region come by for some Rock ‘n’ Roll, all girl, flat track roller derby.

Go Tramps !!


Technical Difficulties

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Some of you may have noticed that you’re unable to download any of the shared albums lately. Nothing to worry about, It’s just that I’ve reached that max. for data transfer that I’m allowed on Divshare. It’s not the end though, everything will be restored on July 7th and you’ll be able to get the albums you’ve been waiting for. The same goes for my other blog, Like…Dreamsville.2474814387_1d6d182967_b